What Is a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is a review of your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, management, security, processes, and performance to identify opportunities for improvement and get a comprehensive view of the state of your IT. This helps you make more informed and strategic business decisions.

It often starts with the realization that your organization’s IT systems have grown to the point where you’re not sure just what is occurring everywhere on the network. You have a gut feeling about what may be causing the problems, but cannot verify it without a thorough analysis of all network components. Additionally, you may not want undertake a major new network implementation without first understanding the current situation of your infrastructure, systems and processes.

What Does a Network Assessment Help Identify?
  • Underused or overused resources as some departments in your organization may require more network resources than others. A network assessment will help identify real needs and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Bandwidth bottlenecks caused by streaming videos, running programs that require more bandwidth, or downloading large files and may slow down your network significantly. A network assessment will identify and rectify such bottlenecks. Simply adding more bandwidth may not always be the answer. Read our blog on this topic to find out why.
  • Glaring security holes that need to be addressed immediately in order to avoid adverse impact to your network system and departmental operations
  • Potential advantages and pitfalls when rolling out new technologies – how would the new technology platform fit into your current network configuration? What integration points do you need to consider and prepare for? This provides a strategic approach and recommendations for short-term (30-60), medium-term (60-90 days), and long-term (strategy) technology planning.
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